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An investigator can help you with civil, domestic, commercial or criminal cases

If you need an investigator in Alexandria VA, Fredericksburg VA, Lynchburg, Richmond VA or Roanoke VA, then Executive Security can help. They have the detectives and resources to tackle just about any case, big or small, private or commercial, civil or criminal.

An investigator can help you with domestic matters such as infidelity, child custody and divorce. If you need hard facts to support a child custody matter, a skilled investigator will find you that evidence. An investigator can help with routine matters such as a background check. An investigator can save your company or organisation a great deal of money with fraud investigations, theft investigations, counter surveillance measurers, workmen’s compensation fraud and so on.

Evidence is often required to support litigation in a court of law. Whether for a criminal or civil case, a private detective knows where and how to find the relevant evidence. An investigator may use several techniques and specialised equipment – this could include tracking, surveillance, eavesdropping, photographic work, video work, computer forensics, online profiling and more.

An investigator does a lot of field work and is often supported by a team in the office.  Administration, analysis and team support are often crucial to finding new clues. In addition, a private investigator knows people in different places and positions and can often obtain new information and leads from various sources that the average person does not have access to.

Apart from various skills related to tracing and surveillance, an investigator also has an eye for detail. An investigator can quickly spot something out of the ordinary, even if it seems small and insignificant. An investigator also understands the art of patience. After all, keeping someone under surveillance requires a lot of patience.

Whether you need to find someone, perform an asset search, follow someone, spy on someone or uncover the real truth, an investigator form Executive Security can help.



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