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Executive Security Concepts offers a full range of security program consulting services that can be specifically tailored to the characteristics of your security needs. Through a thorough risk analysis, we will identify all your vulnerabilities, and assist you in applying the best security practices to cover the gaps in your protection.

We will help you reduce your overall security risk. Utilizing the capabilities of a qualified security firm like ESC will help ensure that your security program will mitigate risk and prevent incidents from occurring, not just react to them.


Security Audit

Organizations are increasingly relying on electronic communication and operations, and there are equally increasing vulnerabilities. ESC experts will assess your vulnerabilities and provide detailed reports on how to mitigate them. A thorough security audit conducts penetration testing to determine whether unauthorized outsiders have access to privileged information, including electronic sweeps in off-site, sensitive locations and prior to key corporate meetings.

Our global business market requires executives to travel to meet the competitive needs of their companies, and with some travel comes certain risks; Westerners are increasingly targeted for criminal or political reasons, and it’s important to know when you are potentially traveling into an area that could put you in jeopardy. Rely on Executive Security Concepts to assess you travel security threat, and then provide you with appropriate travel protection and safety intelligence training.

We’re experienced and responsive, and we’re here to help you feel safe.

Annual meetings, incentive sales trips to rewarding locations, new-product releases, industry conferences, special music events and festivals, and political rallies with high-profile keynote speakers all pose specific potential security risks that must be assessed by professionals. ESC helps organizations plan and execute a comprehensive security plan that assesses risk, mitigates incidents through advance work and planning, and deploys the most qualified personnel to help ensure you have a safe and successful event. Call ESC today to talk with us about your specific security concerns.



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