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Welcome to our Annandale, Virginia personal protection information page. Our company, Executive Security Concepts, has been providing personal protection solutions in this area since 2005, and our customer satisfaction rate has enabled us to grow our business over the years. This Fairfax County community is perfectly situated within the metropolitan area, and many of the homes sit on beautifully landscaped lots, so it has a relaxed feel that allows you to unwind after a hard day at work. We serve clients who live or work in Canterbury Woods, Red Fox Forest, Town Center, Crestwood Manor, and all other sections of town. Whenever you need a guard service in Annandale, Virginia, the best in the business will be ready to spring into action on your behalf.

Experienced, Professional Bodyguards

There are many people who hold top level positions in the government that reside in this area, and there is also a high concentration of corporate executives. People who are in these positions often require personal protection, and we have a great deal of expertise in the area of private security. Our Annandale, Virginia bodyguards will provide an ironclad barrier that stands between you and any person or entity that may want to inflict harm upon you.

Annandale, Virginia Private Investigator

In addition to our private security services for people who need bodyguards, we are also well versed in private investigative techniques. If you need a private investigator for any reason, whether it is a corporate matter or a personal one, we will be just a phone call away.

 Security Guards for Annandale, Virginia Businesses

As a full-service protection and security company, we have the ability to satisfy your needs if you require security guards, whether they are armed guards or unarmed security guards. If you need security guards for a retail facility, an apartment complex, a construction site or a manufacturing plant, a warehouse, or any other type of environment, we have top notch personnel who will keep your site safe.

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We attribute our success to the quality of the people that comprise the team that we send out into the field. These individuals typically come from police or military backgrounds, and they are used to dealing with highly sensitive situations. Plus, we believe in friendly, communicative service from the first moment that you get in touch with us. If you would like to discuss your security needs with one of our Annandale, Virginia personal protection specialists, give us a call right now at 540-314-4098.




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