Armed Guards, Armed Security Guards, and High Risk Employee Termination in Suffolk, VA

There are more than 1.1 million private security guards in the U.S., according to the U.S Department of Labor. More and more, businesses, politicians, high profile executives and individuals are turning to private security firms to provide armed security guard protection. Leaders in the armed guard security sector for more than 15 years, ESC’s highly trained armed security guards will provide protection to individuals, groups and properties. As specialists in high risk employee termination, companies depend on ESC for protection against retaliation. Executive Security Concepts has skilled, armed guards to protect you and your assets, in every situation.

Armed Security Guards

Highly trained in assessing each situation quickly, analyzing threats and responding appropriately, Executive Security Concepts provides protection to clients in Suffolk, VA. High profile business executives, celebrities and politicians requiring armed guards value the presence of the guard protecting them. The mere sight of an armed security guard can eliminate a potential threat. Executive Security Concepts has provided armed security guard services for royalty, celebrities, high profile business executives and politicians. Precise planning and effective protection has secured our reputation and has clients returning time and again.

Armed Guards

Experienced in providing personal security and facility protection, our team is made up of former military, police and security experts. Under the guide of owner and founder, Christopher Ragone, each team member is thoroughly vetted and continuously trained in the newest security measures. We provide each client with a customized security strategy and 24/7 security protection. Every detail of security is planned, from pick up until drop off. Our armed security guards assess and analyze each location for potential threats and have a plan of action ready to carry out.

High Risk Employee Termination

Keeping your company’s employees and property safe is our main goal during a high- risk termination. Executive Security Concepts armed guards will work with your company’s management to create a high-risk termination plan for your Suffolk, VA business. Companies need a high-risk termination plan in place. By preparing for aggressive and abusive behavior during a high-risk termination, escalation can be resolved quickly. When Executive Security Concepts armed guards are present during the termination, they will provide protection to your business and employees by assessing high risk employees who are being terminated and

assessing a location for termination, including a barrier between employer and dismissed individual. ESC will also provide a security presence after a high-risk termination, to deter any retaliation and ease the other employees.

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