High Risk Employee Termination Security in Virginia & Washington DC

Every company has the responsibility to provide a safe work environment to its customers, vendors, and employees. Unfortunately, this security can be compromised quickly in the event of a high risk employee termination. Dismissed or terminated employees may seek retaliation for their dismissal in a number of different ways:

  • Destruction or sabotage of company equipment
  • Slander through social media
  • Harassment of company employees
  • Threats of retaliation
  • Workplace violence

Many victims of workplace violence never thought it could happen at their place of employment. Make sure you are proactive in high risk employee termination security by being prepared ahead of terminations and following through with security afterward. Executive Security Concepts helps many clients plan in Virginia and Washington DC for high risk employee termination security both during and after high risk terminations.

High Risk Employee Termination Security Planning

Your HR department is looking at terminations from a liability angle; Executive Security Concepts is looking from a security angle. We can help your HR department create a high risk employee termination security plan that will ensure the safety of your location and employees during and after high risk terminations. If you are only looking for security guards, we can do that also. Here are some the security factors we recommend at every high risk termination:

  1. Location – On a first floor location near your building’s exit. We recommend some sort of barrier between the terminating staff and employee and a room with easy access to exit quickly if possible.
  2. Employees present – We recommend as little employees as possible are present, such as an immediate supervisor and HR witness. You want to keep the meeting as neutral as possible without provoking the employee. If you feel there will be an immediate threat, you can have high risk employee termination security present in the room. Otherwise, our security can wait outside the room.
  3. Other tips – Be as professional as possible. Avoid all personal attacks, feelings, standpoints, or anything else that may make the terminated employee feel they have to defend themselves. Either mail the employees’ personal belongings or walk them to their area with security in a discreet manner. Ask for all keys, pass cards or other company property back. Immediately change all security codes. Be clear about rules regarding visitors and non-employees on company property.

Once the termination is over, it’s time for the next step for high risk employee termination security. Depending on your needs, we can help create a plan for short or long-term security for your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Security Companies in Virginia & Washington DC for Employers

Virginia, as an “employment-at-will” state, allows employers to terminate employees at any time for any reason that isn’t illegal. The state’s economy thrives on government work, military operations, farming, and various businesses, boasting a low unemployment rate of 2.9%. A significant portion of employment is in the service sector. Employers are advised to be diligent in handling employment security, including preparing for the termination of high-risk employees and considering hiring trained security professionals for such cases.

Washington, DC, shares similar employment-at-will principles, enabling flexible employment terms. The city’s economy is heavily influenced by federal government activities, with a substantial number of jobs also in professional services and tourism. Employers in D.C. must navigate complex regulations, particularly around federal employment and the diverse workforce. The city’s strategic importance necessitates careful planning and security considerations, particularly for positions that involve sensitive information or high-security areas.



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