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If you are going through a divorce, and trying to find out ways through which the case of child custody turns in your favor, then you are absolutely at the right place. We, at Executive Security, have been dealing with cases related to divorce, child neglect and custody disputes for years now, and all we can say that our team of detectives can help you in more ways than one. So, if you live in and around Ashburn VA, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg VA, Springfield VA and are facing any such issues, you should definitely consider us for helping you out. These are very sensitive cases and hence, we promise that your information will remain completely confidential.

These kinds of investigations are quite complicated, and the result will ultimately depend on the court which will see the best interests of the child. But hiring an investigator can actually help you turn the case in your favor. Here are some of the ways how a private detective can help you.

  • Surveillance

If you think that your partner is not responsible enough to take care of your child, is abusive, neglectful and ignorant about your child’s safety and happiness, then you can prove this at the court by asking your private investigator to run a surveillance. The Court wouldn’t give any judgment without concrete evidence, which only your detective can help you out with.

  • Background check

Researching about a parent’s background can bring out many shocking evidence such as being involved in drugs, gambling has criminal records, and etc. This can also prove that the partner is not really responsible enough to take care of a child.

  • Witness Statements

Your investigator can also work on gathering statements from witnesses, which will prove the unworthiness of your partner with respect to taking care of the child. This is very strong evidence, and it can totally turn the case in your favor.

So, these are the top ways how a detective can help you in your child custody case. Now that you know this, don’t delay any further and call us now at 540-314-4098.


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