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These days security has become a serious issue to deal with. From high-grade celebrities to commoners, everyone has need for added security for different reasons. Whether you need security for your esteemed position in the community, or for your business facility, we at Executive Security Concepts can provide it all. Contrary to popular opinion, armed guards and security forces are not just required by famous people but anyone who has the possibility of being under threat or dangerous situations. This could be due to their jobs, personal relationships, etc. Since 2005, we have been dealing with protection issues for foreign diplomats, celebrities, government officials and so on in various places like Alexandria VA, Arlington, Fredericksburg VA, Harrisonburg VA, McLean VA and Richmond VA. We make sure that all our armed guards are professionals from sectors like law enforcement, military, etc. and thus have prior experience in dealing with private security. We conduct screenings and background checks to ensure they are competent and legit.

Here are two key tips on choosing the right security or armed guards:

  • Fulfills all Demands:

Make sure that you choose an agency that can provide armed guards and security on an emergency basis as well, since such situations can arise at any time. A company which gives you priority is always worth considering. If you need long term services, confirm that they can fulfill that demand too as the selection process of personal guards is an elaborate process that is not practical to undertake frequently.

  • Prepared for Different Scenarios:

The guards should also have enough personal experience to deal with any scenario. For this, he or she should be aware of what type of security issues you as a client will face and assess the situation and potential threat beforehand. They should be prepared and be able to tackle even heavy crowd-control situations.

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