Armed Guards in Fredericksburg VA and Washington DC

Executive Security can provide armed guards for your event or security needs in Alexandira VA, Fredericksburg VA, Harrisonburg VA, Lynchburg VA, Richmond VA or Washington DC. Armed guards can provide security for facilities, buildings, goods-in-transit as well as personal and VIP protection. Whether you need to protect a sensitive facility or a high-profile individual, Executive Security can help. They are a highly-respected security firm and their management team draws on vast experience gained in respected revered institutions such as the military and law enforcement. They conduct extensive background checks on their employees and their armed and unarmed guards are screened and vetted.


VIPs and high profile individuals often receive unwanted attention and an armed guard can provide important protection and security for such individuals. They have protected many high-profile individuals including foreign dignitaries, politicians, movie stars and high ranking business executives. They can also offer you custom security solutions based on your building, facility or venue.


Sometimes you may need to decide whether armed or unarmed guards is the better option. A lot depends on nature of the venue, place or person that requires protection as well as the perceived threat level. For example, you could have visible unarmed guards patrolling a shopping mall. In the case of a shopping mall armed guards may make shoppers and consumers uneasy.


However, if you have a business or organization in a high-risk environment such as cash and jewelry you may face a more serious type of criminal. In such cases, armed security will be a better option. The same applies to high profile individuals who could be the target of a serious criminal or determined individual.


Armed guards are trained in the use of deadly force but that are also trained in the use of minimum force to defuse a situation. A serious criminal would be more hesitant to engage an armed guard than an unarmed one. Whether you need armed guards or unarmed guards, Executive Security an help.



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