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Key attributes of good body guards
There are several people with strong drive to protect people wants to be bodyguards to famous stars. But it is not that easy to become one unless one possesses variety of skills, such as- calming individuals who always look like they are in control and have bachelor’s degrees in law or criminology. The role of a celebrity bodyguard or “close protection operative,” is to provide security guard service while escorting famous executives, politicians and celebrities having concerns about their personal safety to both personal and professional business.  The best are well-trained in using several types of sharp weapons as well as the right dressing in street clothes to avoid attention and find potential risks. However, shifting your goal towards a celebrity bodyguard career takes a lot of training, patience and organization. Generally, a bodyguard does not really have much time to give for themselves. We at executive Security provide its customers more than celebrity body guard services in Alexandria, Blacksburg, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Richmond, Roanoke and Salem, VA. Our belief is that the best VIP protection security is based on advance preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities and the use of highly trained professionals.

It is not always that one has to be huge in build to become a bodyguard but it is mandatory to have the necessary qualities and stay physically fit so that they can defend themselves and their clients. A perfect bodyguard would be a six foot five inches tall, overweight bodyguard whose huge presence is noticed by all around.  But, not necessarily all bodyguards with the perfect physique are successful unless they possess the following 10 personal traits, such as-

  1. Self-confidence as it is a great deterrent to any “would be attacker.”
  2. A good professional attitude, i.e., one should remain flexible to adjust to different situations.
  3. Very diplomatic, i.e., be sensitive in dealing with others and who can achieve peaceful resolutions or facilitate discussion.
  4. Good situational awareness and a sharp eye, so that he can constantly scan his surroundings
  5. Common sense
  6. Excellent communication skills while interacting with clients and common people
  7. Think on one’s feet, e., react to events decisively, effectively, without prior thought as well as able to make good decisions quickly in risky situations.
  8. Intelligence
  9. Punctuality
  10. Showing initiative

It’s obvious that not everyone has all of these qualities as nobody is perfect in this world but to be successful in this career, you should look to improve yourself on all of the above factors.



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