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Detectives for your domestic, commercial or criminal investigation needs

Detectives are a special breed of people who can help you with domestic or commercial matters that require investigation. Executive Security employs skilled and seasoned detectives who can help with a variety of cases. If you need a private detective in Alexandria VA, Charlottesville, Richmond VA or Salem VA, then Executive Security can help.

Detectives can help with sensitive cases such as infidelity, divorce and child custody. A detective also understands the delicate and sensitive nature of domestic matters and will perform his or her investigation with the utmost discretions and professionalism. A detective will use skills and techniques such as tracking and surveillance to uncover the truth and the evidence you need.

Detectives can also help with commercial cases that involve fraud, theft, spying, eavesdropping and surveillance counter measures. Commercial cases often involve large sums of money or sensitive information about company products and developments.  A detective agency such as Executive Security has the resources to uncover fraud, implement espionage countermeasures and prevent security breaches.

When you have suspicions, uncertainty and worries invade your life. You don’t have to suffer and linger in worry and doubt. A private detective knows how to find the truth. He or she will carefully record and document the evidence you need to confirm your suspicions or to allay your fears. Either way, when you know the truth, you can make informed decisions.

Whether you need investigative services for domestic, commercial or criminal matters, the stakes are usually high. That is why you need the real facts to make the right decisions.  A detective will investigate the matter using various skills and techniques. After analysing the evidence, he or she will present you with the real facts so you can take appropriate action. The sooner you get the real facts, the sooner you can fix things and get on with your life.



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