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An investigator knows what to look for and where to look

People have secrets and often cheat and lie. When suspect you are at the receiving end of cheating and lying you may well need the service of an investigator to establish the real facts. Hiring the services of a private investigator is often a last resort but could also be the best and only way to bring a matter to a head and to a close. If you need the services of a private detective in Alexandria VA, Charlottesville VA, Fredericksburg VA, Harrisonburg VA, Lynchburg VA or Richmond VA, then Executive Security can help.

Money, love, passion, hate and revenge are big motivating factors when it comes to crime or social indiscretions. These are factors that can lead to fraud, theft, infidelity, break-ups, divorce and even suicide and homicide.

A private investigator can assist you in these situations. Whether you need to find evidence or simply establish the truth, a private detective can help. A trained investigator knows what to look for, where to look. A detective also has a keen eye for detail and will spot things that most people will simply overlook.

An investigator is experienced in the art of surveillance, tracking, tracing, forensics, interrogating and more. These are important skills without which you will not be able to find the evidence you need to close your case.

An experienced investigator also understands the sensitive and confidential nature of certain cases. A private detective will always work with utmost discretion and will protect your privacy and confidentiality during an investigation.

However, you don’t always need a case in order to benefit from the services of a detective. Investigators can help with things such as background checks, pre-employment checks, fraud detection and more. Accidents can also involve a great deal of money and an investigator can help with these types of investigations.




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