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Executive Security can provide you with right investigator for your case in Alexandria VA, Fredericksburg VA, Lynchburg, Richmond VA or Roanoke VA. It does not matter whether you have a personal case, a commercial case or a criminal case, they have an investigator who can help you.

Most cases that require investigation involve emotions or money or both. Some cases might involve power and prestige. Commercial cases such as fraud and theft mostly involve money. If you are an insurance company you often face fraudulent claims. If you are in business you may face a situation where someone is stealing from you or spying on you.

Personal cases such as infidelity, child abuse, child custody or drug addiction are by nature highly sensitive and emotionally charged. A good private detective remains objective and will conduct your investigation in a professional and confidential manner. The investigators who work for Executive Security adhere to a strict code of conduct and you can be assured of confidentiality.


Uncertainty and not knowing can be your worst nightmare. You don’t have to linger in a state of mental anguish and uncertainty. A private detective will get to the truth and provide you with the information you need to make informed and rational decisions.


Investigators work for all kinds of clients, from individuals to attorneys, from companies to organizations. Some investigators specialise in personal cases and others in commercial cases. Executive Security can help you with your case, whether personal, business or criminal.


A private detective uses advanced tools and methods when conducting an investigation. He or she often works closely with other specialists such as forensic specialists. When you need to get to the truth, a private investigator is often your best option. They have the resources, skills and knowledge to find evidence and answers that otherwise would remain secret.





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