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Top 3 benefits of hiring professional and experienced bodyguards

As the rates of burglary and vandalism has skyrocketed the demand for better means of protection has become mandatory. To help people stay safe and enjoy peace of mind, we at Executive Security made our foray into this industry. We are a leading security guard company that offers best-in-class security services to home and business owners alike. The bodyguards in our company are highly educated and well trained and always remain up to date. If you reside in any of these places- Arlington, Fairfax, McLean, VA, Vienna VA or Washington DC and are looking for such services then we are the company you can confidently rely on.

Why hire our guards?

  • Sniff out danger- every single bodyguard in our company is specially trained to keep an eye on any suspicious individual or activity. Besides, they are trained in accessing the safest way both to and from the destination considering any possible threats or traffic patterns in order to keep you out of the harms way. For instance, if you are frightened of a specific object or area, our guards are aware which signs to check for and access the situation to ensure that there is no form of danger
  • Check for vulnerabilities- people often times are very close to a situation for accessing it correctly. Relax, there is nothing to worry. The security professionals in our company will help in identifying the weak security points in your workplace or home and make the same clear to you in order to get it fixed
  • Protect against physical harm- a key reason why people hire guards is for being protected against physical harm. Our guards know the finest techniques of doing this by considering the aforementioned points. They are thoroughly trained in fire duties, first aid, safety tactics, weapons handling as well as self defense for handling any situations which may arise

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