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5 Different Services Provided by Private Investigator

Private investigators offer a range of services to individuals, businesses, and legal entities. Executive Security Concepts offers private investigator services in Harrisonburg, VA, Salem, VA, Roanoke, VA, Blacksburg, VA, Ashburn, VA, Springfield, VA and surrounding areas.

These are five different services commonly provided by private investigators:Private Investigator in Harrisonburg, Salem, VA, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Ashburn & Surrounding Areas

  • Surveillance:

Private investigators are often hired to conduct surveillance on individuals or businesses. This may include monitoring a person’s activities, tracking their movements, or observing a particular location. Surveillance is commonly used in cases of suspected infidelity, insurance fraud, or corporate investigations.

  • Background Checks:

Private investigators can perform comprehensive background checks on individuals. This may involve gathering information about a person’s criminal record, financial history, employment background, education, and personal relationships. Employers, landlords, and individuals seeking to know more about someone’s past often use this service.

  • Skip Tracing:

Skip tracing involves locating individuals who have gone missing, evaded legal obligations, or are otherwise difficult to find. Private investigators use various methods, including database searches, public records, and interviews, to track down the current whereabouts of the person in question.

  • Asset Searches:

Private investigators may be hired to conduct asset searches to determine an individual’s or a business’s financial standing. This can involve identifying and assessing real estate holdings, bank accounts, investments, and other valuable assets. Asset searches are commonly used in legal cases, divorce proceedings, and business transactions.

  • Corporate Investigations:

Private investigators assist businesses in various ways, such as investigating employee misconduct, theft, fraud, or other internal issues. They may also conduct due diligence investigations for mergers and acquisitions, helping companies make informed decisions by providing comprehensive information about potential partners, competitors, or targets.

It’s important to note that the services provided by private investigators may vary based on local laws and regulations, and ethical standards must be maintained in the conduct of these investigations. Always consult with a licensed and reputable investigator to ensure the legality and reliability of the services being offered. Please call us without hesitation.



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