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No matter you operate big commercial buildings or a small boutique that sells high-end merchandise your key objective as a responsible business owner is in ensuring the safety both of your clients and employees. In fact, having trained security guards protecting the premises of your business will help in putting you as well as your employees at ease. Considering this we at Executive Security offer professional guard service of different types to people residing in and around Fredericksburg, VA, Harrisonburg, VA, Lynchburg VA, Richmond VA and Salem VA.

Why hire our guard services?

  • Crime prevention- by simply having trained security guards walking around your business premises, prospective perpetrators will decide against performing criminal behaviors. In fact their mere presence can offer a strong message of the fact that the business is protected as well as all set to be defended should the need be
  • Customer assistance- resting on your business type, the hired guards will help in interacting with customers daily. They can also walk customers or employees to their vehicle during overnight hours or in the evenings
  • Surveillance and Monitoring- our guards can also ensure public safety, especially from behind the scene viewing security footage constantly through monitors and cameras. To monitor the premises allows our guards in addressing problems immediately without making the criminals aware and arranging a prompt flee
  • Emergency situation management- our licensed and professional guards are trained specifically for handling emergency situations and knows exactly how to react in different dangerous situations like a safety threat from an intoxicated person or in case of armed robbery. Our guards have also been trained in different certifications such as providing CPR and first-aid care, handling pepper spray and batons and legally carrying firearms.

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