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You have reached the ideal website if you are looking for security guards in Arlington, Fairfax or Alexandria, Virginia. In addition to these cities, we provide security guards in Charlottesville, Annandale, and Ashburn. We have been building our reputation for more than a dozen years at this point, and we have been able to grow because of our commitment to the communities that we serve. Everyone on our team sincerely wants to make a difference, and this is something that sets us apart from many other companies that provide security guards in Arlington, Alexandria and the other cities that we cover.


Retail Security Guards

If you are responsible for a retail facility, you definitely have to be concerned about shoplifting and employee theft. According to Time magazine, in 2016, nearly $50 billion was lost due to instances of internal theft and shoplifting. Security guards can make a world of difference, and we recruit the best and the brightest retail security guards in the state of Virginia. Any investment that you make in prevention will come right back to you as your losses are minimized.

Security Guards for Apartment, Townhome, and Condominium Communities

We also have a great deal of expertise providing security for apartment complexes and townhome and condominium communities. You can rely on us for static guards that stay in one place and offer mobile patrol services as well. If you feel comfortable with unarmed security guards, we can accommodate your needs, but we do have people on our staff that are licensed to carry firearms.

Sensitive Facilities and Construction Sites

There are certain types of facilities that can be sabotaged to create an enormous amount of damage. These would include explosive storage facilities, fuel tank farms, and chemical manufacturing plants. Security guards are a must for these properties, and we also provide security guards for construction sites of all kinds.

Special Events

Special event security is another area of specialization for our company. If you are a decision-maker for a festival, a concert, a carnival, a sporting event, or any other type of gathering, we can supply the security guards you need at a price you can afford.

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