Security Consultants and Security Companies in Washington DC

At Executive Security Concepts we find we can make a large impact in the lives of our clients and their companies using our experience and knowledge regarding security. We enjoy being the go-to choice in security consultants for companies and individuals in the Washington D.C. area. We take our relationships with our clients seriously and find satisfaction in helping them improve the quality of their lives and well-being. Many of our clients first come to us for security and end up using us for other areas including security consultant services, investigations or for future event planning.

Our experience can assist you, your employees, and your family in many different security risk areas. Not only can we help in your location but also in many other areas of your personal and business life.

  • National and international travel
  • Electronic sweeps in off-site locations
  • Political rallies
  • Celebrity appearance
  • New product launches
  • Music festivals


Security Consultants in D.C.

Our best asset is the experience of our management and employees. Together, the members of Executive Security Concepts have worked with companies in many capacities including personal security for high-profile individuals, including politicians, celebrities, and diplomats, as well as in locations including special events, residences, retail sites, industrial complexes and more. The knowledge we have gathered from multiple security jobs, as well as training, has made us the top security consultants for your personal or location protection.

We can create a plan for you or do a security audit on your own current security action plan. Either way, you are getting the benefit of previous military, law enforcement, and other security skilled backgrounds. We are discreet to both respect and protect your privacy. ESC will work to create a plan that gives you, your family or your company peace of mind for highest and secure protection.

Washington DC Security Companies

Washington D.C. is known for its diversity in people, cultures, and neighborhoods. Dupont Circle is one of the more cosmopolitan neighborhoods near to most foreign embassies and one of the wealthier parts of town. During the day, dog walkers and fitness enthusiasts fill the sidewalks. At night, the various restaurants and bars fill up for nightlife, food, and drinks from all over the world. Georgetown is another high-end neighborhood frequented for shopping, dining, nightlife, and interesting architecture. Dating back to the 18th and 19th century, the cobblestone streets, waterfront harbor, and Georgetown University all have eye-catching and historic features. The Georgetown nightlife goes from student bars all the way to up-scale jazz clubs.



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